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Battery Connection +/- correct?

Posted 17:57:05, 22nd August 2017   |   № 26


I just assambled my Marty and wanted to connect the Battery. But the Minus/Plus Cable is not the correct way? I mean, the JST Connection can only plug this one way? Before i start my Marty i want to ask, if only mine is like this?


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Mini Marty?

Posted 18:54:53, 21st August 2017   |   № 25

Hello. :-)

Today i got my Marty. And i´m really impressed of the quality. :) Nice work!

But i´m wondering of missing the mini Marty you spoke of a few weeks/months ago? :(

Not a big deal. I got what i paid for. :) I´m just wondering.

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03rd March 2017

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In response to Thread № 25 Mini Marty?

Thank you Sandy. :)

The 3D Print File for the mini Marty would be cool. So i can print me a Keychain. :D :D

Greetings from Bremen/Ge…

Posted 20:45:00, 22nd August 2017