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Connecting Marty and Raspberry Pi

Posted 16:03:16, 03rd November 2019   |   № 172

I have a voice control kit which is based on raspberry pi. It is run by an exclusive block coding program.

I would like to control Marty by this kit. This kit also have GPIO pins which is connected to the pi. These pins can be controlled by the block coding program.

I read how to add pi to Marty. But it was by using tx and rx ports. Will it be possible to connect between gpio of Pi and gpio of Marty. I wanna send high/low signal from gpio of pi to gpio of marty. Is it possible?

I wanna get high/lo…

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Microsoft Edge for Scratch X

Posted 03:24:26, 27th November 2018   |   № 126

I would like to ask about the web browser for Scratch X. According to the “Get Started with Scratch”, it is recommended to use a browser like Firefox or Chrome for best results. Since Firefox is not that common in Korea, we usually use Chrome for scratch X.

I also failed to connect Marty on Internet Explorer. Therefore, I also don’t use it.

What about Microsoft Edge? I visited my student’s home and tried to install Chrome, but failed. Maybe it has a problem on the operating system. Therefore, I trie…

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Red light blinks at Stat led beside PWR led

Posted 08:25:47, 20th July 2018   |   № 117

Hi I'm Park Seonghwan who is working for Wise Education in Korea I have been testing Marty for two weeks Today, I found something strange on Marty Red light blinks at Stat led beside PWR led Could you please explain what it is? Thank you

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In response to Thread № 126 Microsoft Edge for Scratch X

I tired to connect Marty on Edge several times When I connected Marty on wifi, it didn't work. but Direct Connect was working.

Since I …

Posted 07:08:51, 20th December 2018

In response to Thread № 126 Microsoft Edge for Scratch X

Hi, Angus.

Thank you for your kind reply. I will visit my student's home again, and test it with Edge. If there's no problem, we will ke…

Posted 07:07:02, 29th November 2018

In response to Thread № 117 Red light blinks at Stat led beside PWR led

Thank you, Mr. Sandy. Now I understand it, and I don't need to worry. Thank you for your help

Posted 08:27:53, 21st July 2018