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Servos in reverse

Posted 21:24:32, 02nd February 2018   |   № 90

Unfortunately the high torque servos I bought for the knee and hip joints turn in the opposite direction to the standard ones so either Marty falls over when he walks or he walks backwards when the left and right leg wiring is switched.

Is there a way to reverse the direction of servos in the firmware with calibration (I couldn't find this feature)? Is this likely to be added in a future release or do you have any plans to release the firmware source code so that improvements such as this can be added by…

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Accelerometer intermittent

Posted 10:27:01, 25th December 2017   |   № 78

I've got my 3D printed Marty up and walking using the python interface. The accelerometer works some of the time but several times it has frozen with incorrect values: x 1.047g, y 1.047g, z -0.505g. Rebooting Marty seems to fix the problem but I haven't worked out what's causing the failure. It may happen when a joint is commanded but doesn't move. Has anyone else experienced this or know how to fix it in a more satisfactory way?

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3D Printed parts v1.0 issues

Posted 10:57:08, 19th November 2017   |   № 73

I was just preparing the new parts for 3D printing and found an issue with the new head base. It has a very thin walled section between circular and rectangular hole on the back which is missed out by the slicer. Does this section need to be so thin or can it be missed out completely?

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In response to Thread № 90 Servos in reverse

Thanks for the update Sandy. I switched his legs and flipped them round as one (or you could say put his head on backwards) which was easier…

Posted 20:27:30, 11th February 2018

In response to Thread № 73 3D Printed parts v1.0 issues

Thanks for that Sandy. That makes sense. I ended up going with supports as it added little time overall; otherwise I would have had to go do…

Posted 21:37:42, 19th November 2017