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Battery Problem

Posted 12:49:39, 29th August 2017   |   № 34

Hi. I had been working through some calibration troubleshooting and fixed some errors (I had been trying to calibrate in Safari which failed but worked fine in Chrome. Also I had failed to hook the little holes over the black pin for the 4 silver motors).

Now when I try to re-calibrate I find that the battery level is low and there is a "squealing" noise. I have plugged it in to my laptop to re-charge but the squealing continues and the blue charging light does not come on. Previously this had worked, a…

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In response to Thread № 34 Battery Problem

I've just tried with an iPhone plug and the blue light flickers on and immediately goes off. I can't tell if it's the battery or the connect…

Posted 16:30:45, 30th August 2017

In response to Thread № 34 Battery Problem

Experimenting a bit more, the blue light comes on when I plug into laptop. Then charges for a minute or 2 before the blue light goes off aga…

Posted 13:14:02, 30th August 2017

In response to Thread № 34 Battery Problem

Thanks Sandy. Please could I just check - is it safe to use any plug with USB adapter? I have iPhone or iPad ones? Are they ok?

I have ju…

Posted 00:27:47, 30th August 2017