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Marty - The ball follower

Posted 14:36:39, 13th March 2018   |   № 102

Hi folks,

Yesterday, I tried to get Marty "Ball Follower" running. I followed the exact steps from: https://robotical.io/forum/thread/65.tcNyu4Oqy6mvvTcA1oCNUYeRGjs

Everything went fine at the beginning. Pi is running, Camera Image is there and even recognizes a white ball. The calibration also ran flawlessly, every motor could be controlled. Once i started running the python code under the point "Bringing it all together" in the article, Marty's servos went into strong jittering and they all moved…

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In response to Thread № 102 Marty - The ball follower

Thank you for your help. With another battery and rick board everything goes fine now. Can you please let me know if you find any damaged …

Posted 11:52:38, 15th March 2018

In response to Thread № 102 Marty - The ball follower

Hmm, i had the same jitter problem with and without charge.

regarding the batteries: i found the post and this was a 1500mah, exact same …

Posted 07:00:46, 14th March 2018