Starting Out

Marty's first steps

Getting started with Marty is simple, he comes in a kit with everything you need to get going

  1. Build the Kit

    No soldering or special tools required
  2. Remote Control

    From your phone or PC
  3. Download some apps

    Get some more complex behaviours
  4. And then...

    Things start to get really interesting

Program in Scratch

Learn to control Marty with this simple programming language, easy to use even if you've never programmed before.


Get add ons

Start to customise your Marty
Learn about mechanisms, electronics and sensors

I Got This

Teach yourself, teach others

Beneath the friendly exterior Marty offers some real opportunities to explore robotics.

  • Programming? Electronics? Mechanical Design? All of the above?

    Wherever your interest in robotics lies, you can explore it with Marty
  • Add more computing power

    Marty works without it, but for full autonomy you could add a Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, Arduino...
  • Sensorise

    Expansion ports are provided for sensors and outputs
  • Learning Materials

    Follow tutorials, or use our learning materials for education
Marty robot kicking ball


Test your skills or engage a class by racing, sumo wrestling, football...



Use our C++ or Python libraries to work with Marty in your favourite environment.


Designing Parts

Mechanical parts and electronics. 3D print parts yourself or use our 3D printing service. Connect electronics to the provided expansion ports

Publish Apps

Made something cool? Share your software and hardware with the community

Getting Serious

You want ROS? You got ROS.


Through an onboard PC or externally processed, image processing with a mobile platform


Complex Mods

Use Marty's infrastructure as a base for more complex robots.
We love stuff like this, and we'll support you as much as we can.


Robotics Libraries

We'll provide ROS wrappers for Marty to make it easy to take advantage of the plethora of interesting robotics libraries now available


Kinematics & Locomotion

3 DoF legs with interesting kinematics, and a robot that has to worry about balance when moving.